Measuring, Reporting, and Verifying Emission Data

Our results are accessible to help track emission targets and answer
any stakeholder questions.


Our Goal is Continuous Improvement

We track engine performance and greenhouse gas emissions every minute. We can identify shifts immediately, and determine the cause that prompted the change. Because we maintain historical data at the engine level, we can use our information to build emission forecasts and alert for potential maintenance issues. Our system helps the management team to track the actual and targeted emissions. We build a baseline for each asset, so if there are any surprises, we will know early.


Customized Dashboards
to Monitor Greenhouse Gasses

Greenhouse gas emission standards are evolving. Companies and government agencies have published different emission targets and reports, so we work closely with our clients to develop the tools they need to meet their requirements. We measure six different greenhouse gasses as well as the fuel consumption and engine performance, and the data is accessible in a secured data warehouse. We build customized dashboards that allow our clients to react quickly in order to improve engine performance and reduce emissions. Our system can look back at historical or real-time, and we can help analyze the fuel usage and emissions among different business units or different customers.