Meet Emission Commitments at a Fraction of the Cost

Cyanergy’s system automates the emission reporting process. By monitoring the fuel and power loads we optimize engine performance to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHG). Cyanergy’s advanced sensors and controllers are built with LoRaWAN technology, which tracks the actual engine and emission data every minute. This makes it more accurate and efficient than traditional systems which require manual input.


Eliminating manual calculations means time is spent analyzing results, not logging them.


Real-time information for faster decisions that reduce operating costs and emissions.


Advanced sensors using LoRaWAN allow multiple sources of data in a central processor.


High ROI Solution for Reducing Emissions

Reduce carbon costs

Our emission monitoring system includes stoichiometric calculations that allow measurement of actual greenhouse gasses from engines. No more empiric tables or conversions. Since actual emissions are generally lower than the calculated measurements, it reduces carbon costs.

Lower fuel consumption

The system also tracks fuel consumption and power loads, which helps the operation teams monitor and adjust power engine performance to lower fuel consumption and cost. The potential fuel savings offset the cost of the system.

Streamline reporting

All engine and exhaust data are stored in a secure cloud data warehouse, and are accessible to analyze trends or make changes after lessons learned exercises. The customized reports and dashboards provide information needed in the mandatory sustainability reports and emission audits. This helps inform strategic decisions for future carbon accounting or financial compliance requirements.