Measuring, Reporting, and Verifying Emission Data

Our LoRaWAN based system produces highly accurate and accessible results for easier tracking and reporting.

Automated Emission Monitoring Solutions

Our solutions offer precise data for informed environmental decisions.
Greenhouse gas emission reporting is mandatory, but requirements can vary. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor tools to their specific needs. We automate fuel, engine performance, and emissions measurements, quickly detecting anomalies to pinpoint causes in near-real time.

Cyanergy Emission Monitoring System

Engine Monitoring Device

Our proprietary monitoring device collects engine and gas data every minute utilizing a modem and standard communication protocols. The system uploads the data to a secured AWS cloud every five minutes, but more frequent measurements and uploading options are available.

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Our advanced gas analyzer utilizes specialized sampling probes which are inserted into the exhaust pipes and measure up to six gasses. This enables direct measurement methods, which are usually lower and more accurate than the calculated values

Customized Dashboards and APIs

We create dynamic dashboards to meet our customers’ reporting needs and help them make operating improvements. The resulting engine and emission data is accessible in formats that are easy to import into other operational systems.

Introducing Cyanergy’s IoT Solution: CE² Monitor

With the integration of advanced hardware and software, shipping and drilling companies need tech solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also support sustainable growth. Meeting ESG targets, such as emissions monitoring and reporting, requires a technology ecosystem that is easy to install, highly modular, and scalable. Enter LoRaWAN, a game-changer for the maritime industry.

There are several benefits to utilizing LoRaWAN for processes such as monitoring engine output and emissions:

  • Ease of installation
  • Adaptability
  • Open source and global support network
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost effectiveness
LoRaWAN offers unparalleled benefits for the maritime industry, including ease of installation, adaptability, robust support, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. At Cyanergy, we are pioneering the use of LoRaWAN to revolutionize maritime engine monitoring and emissions tracking.
Ready to see the difference LoRaWAN can make for your fleet? Contact Cyanergy today for a demo and take the first step toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

Automated the data collection to eliminate manual tasks and accurately analyze emissions.

Optimized engine usage to reduce power needs for specific activities and lowering energy consumption.

Provided access to engine utilization to improve reliability and minimize downtime.

Success Story

We partnered with an international drilling company with a large fleet of offshore rigs in multiple countries. We were engaged to perform pilot tests on four rigs, with a goal of reducing their GHG emissions.

Drilling operations have various tasks, and each task has different engine power requirements. Our customer wanted to understand the correlation between different operational scenarios and the resulting engine loads, fuel consumption and emissions. By linking operation efficiencies and power loads, it can optimize the engine performance to reduce emissions.

We employed our system to engine loads and monitor fuel consumption in real-time, and built API’s to integrate our data with the rig activities. By examining power requirements for various operational scenarios, we identified optimal power load to establish guidelines for efficient engine use to balance operational efficiency with emissions reduction.

In our pilot tests, we were successful in developing an effective GHG emission tracking system that reduced the fuel and power load and provided access to streaming data analysis. As a result of the pilot test,, our customer has begun rolling out our system.