We believe what is measured gets improved

The emissions from a gallon of diesel burned by a partially loaded engine is not the same as an overloaded engine. Most emission reports from remote power sources are not accurate. They are based on manual inputs and hypothetical calculations, and do not actually measure the CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Eventually, companies must be able to validate the emission information for their financial reports, and we believe having accurate data will be critical.


Our system utilizes advanced engine sensors, exhaust analysis and machine learning to measure actual emissions real-time.


Field operation teams have access to fuel and emission data instantaneously, and with a single “green-yellow-red” signal, the team can adjust the engine loads to optimize the required power.


All engine and emission data are accessible in a secured data warehouse and easily retrieved in customized dashboards and reports, which allows our clients to provide validated data to its stakeholders.


High ROI Solution for Reducing Emissions

Our system is a low capital investment solution and easy to install. The automatic signals help the operation teams monitor and adjust the power loads quickly, which reduces the fuel consumption and cost. The potential fuel savings would offset the actual cost for using it. And if it isn’t possible to measure the actual emissions from the exhaust, our system incorporates advanced algorithms that can calculate the CO2 and other greenhouse gasses automatically. Our calculations are more precise than using manual calculations or periodic sampling. All engine and exhaust data are stored in a secure cloud data warehouse, and is accessible for any audit requests or customer correspondence.

  • The benefits of our system are quantifiable and easy to analyze.
  • Our system eliminates redundancy in the fuel and emission measurements, as well as report creation.
  • The resulting data helps make strategic decisions for future carbon accounting or financial compliance requirements.